Call for Participation “festival contre le racisme berlin 2018”

Call and invitation for participation at the „festival contre leracisme 2018“

Dear campus groups, initiatives, anti-racist activists and otherwise interested people, Between 12.-14. June 2018 together with the AstA FU we are hosting the “festival contre le racisme” (FCLR) at the campus of “Freie Universität” in Berlin. For the duration of three days the festival brings up topics that are critical of racism and authority. It shall also invite to a debate about the existing conditions. For this matter we require your support and therefore we are kindly inviting you to add workshops, lectures, readings, film-screenings or walkabouts around the campus to our program. A big open-air concert at the campus will be the closing ceremony of the festival.

In case you are interested to organize an event within the framework of the FCLR please write an e-mail to fclr[at] including the following parameters:
*topic and type of your event
*advertising text (in German & English)
*name of referee (if applicable)

About us:
We are an open organizational group which consists of individuals, campus groups and units of the AstA FU. Some of us are affected by racism and some are not. If you want to participate in our orga-group and want to join our meetings, please write an e-mail to: kultur[at]

Please note:
*Between 12.-14. June 2018 there are seminar rooms and lecture halls provided for us at the Rost- und Silberlaube in Dahlem. (Lecture halls are not requested yet.) We are organizing LCD projectors and other technical equipment. Specific requirements need to be arranged with us in advance.
*We are financially supported by the AstA FU. Nevertheless we have narrow funds. So please arrange in advance with us about referee’s honoraria and expenses for film rights.
*If required we can organize translations. Please inform us in advance.
*In case your workshops, lectures or film-screenings contain explicit portrayal or discussions of (sexualized, racist, antisemitic…) violence, you are asked to announce it in advance.
*If you organize the needed rooms by yourself or if you offer a walkabout at the campus please make sure that they are suitable for wheelchair users. If this is not possible get in touch with us so we can hint at it in the program.

your FCLR-organizational group


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