Why fclr2017?

Racism is accapted broadly in our society. This shows not only the fact, that the AfD is soon represented in all federal parliaments. On 17 June, the new far right are mobilizing throughout Europe for a manifestation to Berlin. The same City where red-red-green character masks carry the „Refugees Welcome“ ‘BILD’-campaignstickers on the chest while they’re ruling the federal state with the highest rejection rate of asylum applications. They underline the fact that the mutilated remnants of the fundamental right to asylum have no value in this metropolis. On the campus of the Freie Universität the catastrophe manifests itself as a social normality in the fact that the Henry-Ford-Bau is still named after an anti-semite,who was once revered by Adolf Hitler. Still there is no active remembrance from the FU itself for the murdered student Mahmud Azhar. The festival contre le racisme 2017 will only be able to counter these states indirectly, and hopefully encourage the participants to think and act. This year, the focus is on the analysis of racist ideologies. The final concert at the Theaterhof of the Rost- und Silberlaube (main building) is intended to offer the opportunity to listen to and dance to the acts on stage without being scared to get discriminated, as well as to talk with anti-racist initiatives.

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